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Marketing Health

Text Box: SIL uses a systematically customized approach to research design, data collection, data analysis, and result reporting. Though often overlooked and underestimated, marketing research is an integral part of the marketing mix. In fact, history offers ample proof of huge product failures due to inadequate prior marketing research. 

Marketing research bridges the gap between the marketer and consumer through information that aids:
- Defining marketing opportunities and problems
- Generating, refining, and evaluating marketing performance
- Monitoring marketing performance

Some practical applications of marketing research are:
- Assessing new product potential
- Product development and improvement through consumer feedback
- Gaining competitive intelligence 

SIL provides a variety of primary and secondary market research tools like:
- Personal Interviews (also professional interviews)
- Panels (also longitudinal panels) 
- Focus Groups
- Interactive Research (also online research tools) 
- Mail Surveys (also multi stage surveys)
- Telephone Surveys
- Combination techniques

Tell us your market research need/s and we will develop a customized research plan for you for free.

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